Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Watercolors Of Brazil V

The day begun extremely well...I woke up and saw some miniature monkeys playing in the trees outside my window.
"Oooooooohhhhh....monkeys, monkeys......OH MY GOD...there be mini monkeys in them trees there!!!"
"There are NO monkeys in the city, woman!"; The Husband rolled his eyes.
"Babe, I'm telling you...there are monkeys there."
I swiftly grabbed some bananas and hurried downstairs.
"Monkey, monkey!!! Come here. I got some bananas for you!!! Come!"; I called.
Surprisingly, 3 mini monkeys casually came over and started eating banana out of my hand. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to put them in my pocket and run. They would be my babies and I would be their human mom.
The idyllic scene was interrupted by a passer-by: "Do you have monkeys in Spain?"; he asked in all seriousness.
"Spain??? I'm from England, bruv. We have monkeys in a zoo."
"Not on the street?"; he continued.
"What about birds?"
"Well, we have birds. But not colourful ones. Just...y'know...pigeons...also known as flying rats."
"Oh."; he said, undoubtedly feeling sorry for the lack of colourful fauna in England, and continued on his merry way.
I then stopped in a neighbourhood cafe.
For a coffee, obvz.
"Would you like some "Crazy Nigga" cake to go with your coffee?"; asked the lady.
I nearly spluttered my coffee all over the coffee shop: "I'm what??? What cake???"
"Crazy Nigga cake!! Freshly made today!"; she was offering me what looked like a chocolate cake covered in chocolate sprinkles, adding helpfully: "It's a traditional Brazilian cake."
"And it's called Crazy Nigga?"; I was incredulous.
"Yes."; she said beaming from ear to ear: "It's delicious!"
"Ummmm....I'll have a slice. Thank you."
Political correctness clearly hasn't made it to Brazil. The cake, indeed, was delicious, but they really should rethink the name.
Straight after my daily coffee and cake fix, I turned to my husband and announced with a serious face: "I need feathers and fruit in my hair."
"You what?????"
"Feathers and fruit!"; I said matter of factly.
"What's wrong with you woman? I'm pretty sure you didn't exhibit any signs of madness when I maried you."
"Well, it's carnival tomorrow, remember? We bought tickets.  And even though I won't be parading around naked covered in strategically placed glitter, I figure I could at least have some feathers and fruit on my head. Also....ummmm...I found this cool shop on internet that sells stuff like that."
"You can pluck the chicken and glue some fruits from supermarket. It'll be the same."; he laughed.
I rolled my eyes and put my foot down: "No!!! I need these accessories. I came ALL THIS WAY and now you want me to be FEATHERLESS for carnival!!!! It's unheard of!!! You're mentally torturing me."
He gave in.
I walked in a small atelier selling wacky headgear and started perusing. 
Straight after me, a breathless Brazilian girl run in shouting: "Have you got anything Carmen Mirandaaaa?????"
She plonked a big plastic fruit basket on her head and admired herself in the mirror.
Not to be outglittered and outfruited by Brazilians, I reached for the nearest plastic, glittery fruit headpiece too.
"Are you taking the piss???"; proclaimed The Husband.
"Erm..."; I dropped the fruit basket and picked up a rose crown a la Frida Kahlo.
"It's still too much. Where on earth are you gonna wear this once the Carnival is over, eh??"; he said.
"Erm...Mexican themed parties...?"; I answered.
"Oh yeah. Because London is full of those, right?"
I bought the crown anyway.
Now if anyone knows any Mexican parties coming up in London, holla!
I wore:
Blouse: Zara (similar here )
Rose crown: Can Can Acessorios
Shorts: French Connection (similar here )
Shoes: Whistles (similar here )
Bracelet: Ottoman Hands (similar here )

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Ivana Split said...

predivna je cvjetna kruna...nosi je kad ti se prohtije, nemoj čekati meksički party:) odlična kombinacija!
to s majmunima je baš zanimljiva priča, ja znam kako sam bila oduševljena kada sam vidjela papige (na fotografijama prijateljice iz Australije) u stotinama....
ja obožavam papige,rado bi ih zamijenila za naše leteće štakore:)

Aurélie Van Houte said...

These pictures make me instantly smile. So summery, happy and colorful :) Love the look you are wearing. Simple yet powerful :)

x Aurélie said...

Too pretty! That flower crown is incredible!!! I really love all of these pictures, so much talent!
Melanie @

Sue said...

The rose crown is beautiful. And so very you! And now I want one too - heck I might even make myself one!

I love the commentary - I'm sure I've had similar conversations with the hubs. And he too lets me get on with it. Because the best husbands do don't they?

Jovana Bovan said...

Još jedan odličan post! :)

Rakel said...

lovely post!

Ivana said...

Bez rijeci sam! Kruna je s-a-v-r-s-e-n-a! Ovo ljeto je ne skidaj s glave! Predivna je i divno ti stoji! Nogice su ti krasne! :****

Natallia Jolliet said...

Great post! I enjoyed this so much.
Have a nice week end!
Natallia Jolliet

Christy Swagerty said...

The interacting dialogue with your husband: priceless! Love the rose headband, you will totally wear it again, don't even worry about it! :)

Adela Acanski said...

Great post & photos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and happy photos :) I love all of the colours :)
- Marcella

Alice Warren said...

I don't blame you for buying this crown, you can't miss out of dressing up during carnival. Love the colors on your top.

Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


Beauty Follower said...

Wow great hair decor!

Maiken said...

gosh, you and your husband! I wish I and my fiance would have such travels and trips too! probably 2015 is a year I'm going to spend here in Estonia so booo. but once again I adored your writing and that colourful outfit with the fancy head piece. and I wish you many Mexican themed parties!! by the way, tell me which cooking games are you playing?? :D

Maiken - Part of me

Kristina said... fever! I love it.

Chantelle said...

Love that outfit, cool head gear.

Azra Art said...

Muz je pun razumevanja, lucky you :D odlican post, i tekst a i fotke, milina za oci..:)

ginger said...

Predivan ducan. I kruna jos vise :D
Zasto ti blog spava?

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