Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ready For Autumn

Pumpkin spice latte is firmly in Starbucks, leaves have slowly started yellowing and I have embraced the sweatshirts and evenings under the duvet with the cup of tea. The autumn is here and I'm ready for it.

I wore:
Sweatshirt: Zoe Karssen
Jeans: Mango
Pumps: Whistles
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelet: Fiorelli


Saturday, 13 September 2014

"Let's find a bakery with cakes!!! I have a hangover. It's all your fault for making me drink all that wine.I don't even like wine."; I said to The Husband.
He rolled his eyes and didn't even bother to question my desire to eat cakes first thing in the morning.
Later on, whilst sitting in a bakery overloading myself with sugar and caffeine, I took a good look at the little village (Eguisheim) and exhaled loudly: "This is just too much pretty. Does Hollywood even know about this place?"
"Hollywood?" The Husband was perplexed.
"Yes, Hollywood. Because if they don't know, I think we should tell them. They should most definitely make "Hansel and Gretel" here. I mean, I would watch it. And if I would watch it, EVERYONE would watch it. You know I have impeccable taste in movies, darling."
He rolled his eyes a bit more and continued drinking his coffee in silence. 

Later on, we drove to Kaysersberg and Turckheim. 
Kaysersberg was even prettier than Eguisheim.
"How is this EVEN possible???? I can't take this much pretty in one day."; I said to no one in particular whilst furiously snapping away with my camera. 
"You know what I said earlier about making "Hansel and Gretel" in Eguisheim? Scrap that! I changed my mind. They should make it here. They should make ALL fairy tales here.  Every single one of them. Do you think Brothers Grimm roamed around here back in the day collecting material for their tales? I bet they did."; I said without pausing for breath.

Turckheim was marginally less pretty, but they had WW2 reenactment going on.  
"Oh, look...they must be reenacting how they surrendered and collaborated with the Germans."; I announced.
Alas, no....they were pretending they were on the righteous side all along.
"How ruddy well dare they!!!  That is not how it went down. We all know they had their asses saved by the British, Americans and Russians. Pffffttt!"
I wanted to pass them by and mutter "Collaborators!!!" under my breath, but all the people were much too nice and friendly so I kept quiet. Still...."collaborators!"

The next day it was time for Strasbourg and the flight home.
The weather wasn't great in Strasbourg, but we managed to have a little look around nonetheless.
"Strasbourg looks just like the Dutch Masters landscapes."; I announced.
"What? Pretty and with magical golden light?"; asked The Husband.
"No. Depressing."

Thursday, 11 September 2014

From Tubingen, we made our way to Schloss Lichtenstein. 
"Is this castle in Lichtenstein?"; I enquired.
"No. In Germany."
"Extremely confusing."; I concluded
The castle was picture perfect and perched on a steep cliff. I half expected  Sleeping Beauty to come out, but disappointingly, that didn't happen.
After having a little look around and snapping a few photos, we drove towards Alsace region in France.

We based ourselves in a little village along the wine route and then went in search
"They have a festival of wine in the next village along. Let's go."; exclaimed The Husband.
"But I don't like wine!"; I protested .
I'm terribly unsophisticated like that. I don't like wine, I don't like champagne, but I'm partial to a bit of vodka. 
"Well, Alsace is famous for wine, not vodka so I suggest we just go."; The Husband pressed on: "And with wine they give you different cheeses and other nibbles so you won't go hungry."
The mention of cheese did the trick so I decided to come along.

The village was teeming with people. French people. All dressed in their finest glad rags. I felt incredibly underdressed in my casual traveling clothes so I begrudgingly started on wine to make me feel better. Several hours later I was still on wine, but feeling much better about my sartorial choices. 
"I really hope I don't have a headache tomorrow."; I announced.
Unsurprisingly, however, the following morning I woke up with the mother of all headaches. 
and promptly decided never to drink wine ever again.
I wore:
Sunnies: Whistles
T-shirt: Selected
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Bag: Cleobella
Chinos: Gap
Sandals: Miss Trish Of Capri
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelet: Fiorelli

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"We're going on a mini road trip"; announced The Husband.
"Yaaaaay!!!"; said I, a little bit overexcited.
"Erm....we do have to fly there."; said The Husband a bit quieter.
I was stunned into silence.
Eventually I mustered: "But it's a ROAD trip..."
You see, I hate to fly. Don't get me wrong, I DO fly and once I'm on the plane I don't make the scene.  But I'm scared. As far as I'm concerned, the most logical thing would be to invest in mega bridges across the oceans with corresponding super fast trains and I cannot for the life of me figure out why my awesome transportation plan still didn't bear any fruit. Surely there must be a zillionaire out there who can make it all happen. Anyone?

"Well,'s kind of far to drive. So we'll fly to France and rent a car once we're there. And we're going with friends. And it'll be awesome."; The Husband tried to make it all better.
I was having none of it: "It might make me feel better if I could fly away in case of...I dunno...engine trouble, but I look like I can fly???? Can you see any feathers on me?????"; I extended my featherless arms dramatically for added effect.

It was all in vain. We flew to Strasbourg. Oh well, at least we didn't fly Ryanair. 
From Strasbourg we made our way to Black Forest in Germany and then to Tubingen, a traditional and very cute German town situated on the river Neckar.

We were starving so I suggested we grab something to eat: "Something very traditional and German!"; I said to our traveling companion (let's call him Hans) who just happens to be German.
"Naturlich!"; said Hans and led us to a very traditional restaurant.
I scanned the menu rapidly. It was all meat, meat and then, for good measure, some more meat.
I guess traditional Germans are not big on vegetarianism.
We all ordered meat. Or so I thought...
When the food arrived, Hans' order consisted of rye bread with white spread.
"Oooh, what's that?"; I asked.
"This? It's a very traditional snack of rye bread and fat."; said Hans.
Fat? FAT? Surely not. Was I hearing this right?
"What do you mean fat?", I asked again.
"You know...fat. It's delicious. You want to try some?"
", thanks."
I guess I'll be sticking to Nutella as my choice of bread spread.

I wore:
Sunnies: Whistles
T-shirt: POP Cph
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Kimono: Zara
Chinos: Gap
Sandals: ASOS