Saturday, 9 May 2015

Watercolors Of Brazil VI

"Honey, what time does the Carnival start?"; I asked.
"In the morning?"; I was hopeful.
"No, night."
"WHAT???? Well, what time does it finish????"
"Are you kidding me? I'm never going to survive that. My days of all night raves and such are well and truly over. I think I'm gonna stay in and have a cup of tea instead."
"Ah, no, you won't! You made me buy front row seats at an inflated price so now you will be going to that Carnival come rain or shine. NO cups of tea for you, Madame. Get a move on."; The Husband put his foot down.


We arrived at the Sambodromo.
"Here are our superior seats!"; I said and plonked my bottom at the front.
Some Brazilians had other ideas, however. The minute the parade started, and fueled by alcohol, they started pushing, shoving and elbowing their way to the front, generally ignoring the allocated seating and going as far as to stand right in front of my seat completely obscuring my view.
I wasn't having any of it. If they could be rude, hey, I'll give as good as I get: "Yo, yo, yo!!! You can't just barge in and stand in front of me. See this chair? MINE. Space in front of the chair? Also MINE! And, no, you can't stand ON my chair when I momentarily leave it, so jog on, lady!"
Once I took care of the seat jumpers, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Carnival was worth every penny.
And even though I managed to survive until 7am, I didn't manage to outfeather the Brazilians. :D


Sybil said...

wow!! vibrant festivities!! :D

Have a great weekend!
Animated Confessions

Ivana Split said...

mislim da Brazilce nitko ne može nadmašiti kada je perje u pitanju:)
a bome ni ove plesačice ne možeš svugdje naći:)
sjajne fotografije, baš mi ih je gušt pogledati...ovo je vjerojatno najbliže što ću doći njihovom karnevalu tako da....a što se tiče sedam ujutro, nisam ni ja više u formi za cjelonoćne izlete...

Tina Bradley said...

What lovely, vibrant photos! T.

Eniwhere Fashion said...

OMG!!! So amazing show!!! Congratulations for your pictures my dear!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

Ivana said...

Nisam znala da karneval u biti traje po noći... ja sam također prekrižila noćne izlaske davnih dana! Dobro, trenutno bdijem noćima ali zbog drugih razloga :)! Fotke su predivne, kao sa razglednice, a posebno mi je super djedica koji gleda preko ograde. Žene su vau i vrlo smjele... nikako da se ja načudim tomu! :) Odličan post, svašta nešta ćemo mi naučiti o Brazilu! :)

Imke Db said...

Your photos are so beautiful, seems like such a wonderful event!


Bogi RedReticule said...

These photos are so spectacular! So much fun!
Red Reticule | Red Reticule Collection

Beauty Follower said...

11 the perfect hour to party ;)
Great colourful pictures!

Amely Rose said...

wow amazing
i would love to see such a Parade <3

hope you too visit my Blog <3

Nora Minassian said...

Beautiful photos, the colors are amazing! This is one of those events that I think everyone should experience once in their life. Thanks for sharing :)

Lubka Christova said...

Amazing explosion of colours! Your photos are so good as well.
Very daring looks of the fabulous Brazilian beauties!

Lu | said...

Your pictures are so pretty and full of life! I love all of these!
Melanie @

Mili said...

Lou, you tell em! I had no idea that Carnival was at night. Props to you for staying up all the way through it! Love the photos you took, you really captured the life of the show :)


Maiken said...

oh wow, that's a true parade of bright and shiny colours and glitter! so incredibly cool! did you film the whole thing as well??

Maiken - Part of me

Chantelle said...

Wow looks am amazing, great pictures.

Natallia Jolliet said...

Wonderful post! Awesome pictures!
Have a nice evening!
Natallia Jolliet

Shaira Manalo said...

Wow, this is a fun show!!! <3 I want to watch something like this too.

Have a great day!


maya said...

Wonderful series of posts, I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos which are lovely as ever. The Frida Kahlo headpiece was worth every penny. It looks gorgeous with that yellow shirt. I'd wear that very combo in London, why not? :)

Eda G said...

Such a crazy atmosphere you've depicted here, but looks like a lot of fun as well! Great snapshots, I really enjoyed seeing all these colourful shots xx | Room 95

eDAYtorial Team said...

Veselo! :D

Johanka said...

This looks sooo great! I doubt I would endure stay up to the morning, but still...I'd like to visit it <3.

A Girl Named Fran said...

I knew the parade took place at night but I never thought it lasted that long!

I thought us chileans were a bit rude at public events, but knowing your experience with brazilians leaves ease? probably.
Lovely photos by the way,
Hope you had fun in Brazil
xx, Fran

Angela Donava said...

Amazing event!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava

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