Monday, 9 March 2015

Israel - The Land Of Milk And Honey III

My hair was looking frightful so I decided to pay a visit to a hair salon. 
I found one that looked presentable and entered. 
"Yeah....I need my hair done."
"No problem.", said the hairdresser and quoted an outrageous price even by London standards.
I was already in the salon and there was no going back so I agreed.  I'm easily swayed like that.

The hairdresser begun faffing with my barnet and making small talk: "Where are you from?"
"Ah, Korea...very nice."; I was baffled, but he continued completely unfazed: "You don't have the eyes, eh...?"
'No, I don't have "the eyes" because I'm not from Korea'; I thought to myself, but I didn't want to spoil his excitement about possibly his first "Korean" customer so I kept quiet. Besides, he did my hair justice and I needed good hair for tomorrow's visit to Jerusalem. I couldn't very well go to an ancient city overlooked by Gods of all Abrahamic religions with shitty hair. That's just not done.


Maiken said...

haha, Korea and Croatia do sound similar if you say it like that. but his remark about "the eyes", well, that's just brilliant and made me laugh. oh and your photos look beautiful and those (raw) bananas make me hungry.

Maiken - Part of me

Imke Db said...

Wow, lucky you! These pictures are very beautiful!
And hahahaha love your hairdresser story! Korea, Croatia, fair enough ;)

XO Imke

Nora Minassian said...

Beautiful Pictures :)

Angela Donava said...

Amazing shooting!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava

Beauty Follower said...

You have captures so wonderful colours!

Johanka said...

I can't stop laughing :D! Well, the thing with Korea x Croatie is funny, but if that price would be pricey even in London,
I would escaped from the salon :D!

Ivana Split said...

divne fotografije...i da Koreja i Hrvatska ista stvar:)
a ne mogu virovat da te pita za oči, ha ha ha

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