Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Israel - The Land Of Milk And Honey II

It was the day of the wedding. 
I was as nervous as if it was my own wedding day so I went for a leisurely walk along the beach to calm the nerves. I then returned to my hotel, shovelled the make up on and headed to the venue.
"They better do the chair dance. It's the sole reason of my travel to Israel."; I thought to myself.

Once in the venue, I swiftly found the chair with my name on it and sat my ass down.
"Ah, no...once the bride enters, you stand up and whoop and holla.", said the random Jewish geezer to me. 
"You wha..?? This is not a hip-hop video."; I looked at him incredulously.
I decided he must be drunk and  continued to sit down. 
The bride entered....the rabbi began to sing an upbeat, contagious song...and the entire room started swaying, whooping, hollering, clapping, dancing and clambering to get a better look at the bride.
The bride was dancing too.
This was already way better than the boring Catholic ceremonies where everyone is dead serious, tears are shed and the priest tends to go on for at least an hour til everyone falls asleep.
"Dayyum...I wish I had a Jewish wedding ceremony."; I thought to myself, completely ignoring the fact that I am not Jewish.
The rabbi sang a few more upbeat songs, the groom stepped on a glass, happy couple were officially married, the chic venue was swiftly transformed into what can only be described as a nightclub and then the real party begun.
To complete the effect, the guests were even given glowsticks and other raving gear.
I furiously waved my glowstick around. The Israelis knew how to party and I wasn't going to be outdone. 
"I'll show them some London style.", I thought and threw some grandad dancing shapes on the dancefloor.

I didn't have my DSLR at the wedding venue, but if you're curious to see photos from the wedding as well as other photos from Israel, check out my INSTAGRAM (and scroll down a bit ;) ).


Ivana Split said...

da, zvuči zanimljivo....istina, naša katolička vjenčanja znaju biti malo dosadna što se tiče samog obreda, ali ono poslje je obično ludnica.
divne fotografije.

vjera v said...

haha! well said! it went by too fast-we do a repeat in a few years:)
thank you

Shauna C said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!


Maiken said...

Israel looks fascinating. I love those bright shades of blue they have here and there. reminds me of Crete. and the wedding sounds interesting too. I didn't know they had such weddings. though yes, our traditional ones with tears and much talk are not my dream anyway.

Maiken - Part of me

Photo Models Geneva said...

have a nice travel! It;s look fantastic!
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x D x said...

What a beautiful place and the wedding sounds amazing, fingers crossed Ill get to go to one like that : ) x

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Such a beautiful place and stunning pictures! I hope I will visit Israel in future.

Ivana said...

Ja općenito nisam veliki fan vjenčanja, ne znam zašto, ali tako to biva :) I svoje vlastito sam jedva preživjela iako je misni obred bio stvarno divan i nimalo dugačak, moram priznati :) Voljela bih imati priliku posjetiti Izrael, stvarno me na fotkama iznova i iznova oduševi! :)

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