Thursday, 11 September 2014

Road Tripping - Germany & France II

From Tubingen, we made our way to Schloss Lichtenstein. 
"Is this castle in Lichtenstein?"; I enquired.
"No. In Germany."
"Extremely confusing."; I concluded
The castle was picture perfect and perched on a steep cliff. I half expected  Sleeping Beauty to come out, but disappointingly, that didn't happen.
After having a little look around and snapping a few photos, we drove towards Alsace region in France.

We based ourselves in a little village along the wine route and then went in search
"They have a festival of wine in the next village along. Let's go."; exclaimed The Husband.
"But I don't like wine!"; I protested .
I'm terribly unsophisticated like that. I don't like wine, I don't like champagne, but I'm partial to a bit of vodka. 
"Well, Alsace is famous for wine, not vodka so I suggest we just go."; The Husband pressed on: "And with wine they give you different cheeses and other nibbles so you won't go hungry."
The mention of cheese did the trick so I decided to come along.

The village was teeming with people. French people. All dressed in their finest glad rags. I felt incredibly underdressed in my casual traveling clothes so I begrudgingly started on wine to make me feel better. Several hours later I was still on wine, but feeling much better about my sartorial choices. 
"I really hope I don't have a headache tomorrow."; I announced.
Unsurprisingly, however, the following morning I woke up with the mother of all headaches. 
and promptly decided never to drink wine ever again.
I wore:
Sunnies: Whistles
T-shirt: Selected
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Bag: Cleobella
Chinos: Gap
Sandals: Miss Trish Of Capri
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelet: Fiorelli


mima said...

Wow, slike su prelepe *_*

Jovana Bovan said...

Predivno je!

Zuba said...

super slike! nadam se da se mamurluk isplatio :)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I love a road trip once in a while. We did one in June and that was heaps of fun. I don't, however, do well with REALLY long car rides (I mean more than 5-6 hours at a time). I am glad you are having a great time there! Look forward to see more picture updates!

eni k. said...

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photos and this place is marvelous!!! I have a new post at my blog. Do you want to tell me what do you think? Kisses,

xchristybx said...

Beautiful pictures! I need to get exploring more of Europe :)

Christy x
another weekend without make-up

Josefina said...

dakle što reći osim jednog omg želim biti ovdje! divno i predivno! plus, obožavam tvoje tekstove. <3

Gil Zetbase said...

WOw, this location is very beautiful!
Have a nice day!
Photographer Gil Zetbase

Rakel said...

lovely pics!

Ivana said...

Divno mjesto... a dvorac...ah, dvorac... omg koja divota i krasota! Zao mi je radi glavobolje od vina... na mene vino ima slican ucinak iako ga volim s vremena na vrijeme pijuckati... bijelo preferiram... sampanjac nikako :)
Nadam se da se zrtva isplatila barem zbog sira :)

María Blardone said...

This pictures are incredible! I love the pants.
Lots of love, xx

Nathy F. said...

I don't like wine either, if it makes you feel better! Then again, I don't like any kind of alcohol. Odd fact, haha.
Everything here looks so romantic. So much old world charm I can't handle it! And your outfit is perfect for exploring the region.

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