Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Trusty Body Butter

Having tried and loved "My Trusty..." products before I was rather excited when  I got sent their newest product to review: a body butter.
Due to my...ahem...age, the skin on my body (especially the legs) can be quite dry and flaky so I almost exclusively use body butters or body oils. Like most people, I tend to use Body Shop butters as they are the ones that introduced me to that particular concept in the first place.
And if you like their butters, you will love "My Trusty Body Butter" even more. It's incredibly rich and hydrating and a bit more dense than the Body Shop butters. It's scented with neroli, bergamot and orange and it smells truly heavenly.
As with all "My Trusty..." products, this one is also made by Salisbury Hospital NHS Trust and all profits go back towards patient care. 
It's also worth saying that the butter is not tested on animals and is paraben, lanolin and colour free.
Downsides? Well, honestly, there aren't any. It is lovely to use and it left my skin very soft and beautifully fragranced. I do hope that they add a few more scent varieties in the future as I can see this being their bestseller.
"My Trusty Body Butter" is available now and it retails at £7.99 (Plus p&p).


eni k. said...

Hello Kristina and thank you very much for your visit to my blog. Sorry for not having answered before, but I was on holiday.
I don't know this butter, thanks for let me know. Kisses,

Ivana said...

Znam da se damu ne pita za godine ali ti ih stalno implicitno spominjes u kontekstu hm... staroga... pa meni stvarno jasno nije! :p ;)
I meni je koza koma suha tako da stvarno volim ovakve proizvode iako sam dosta ljena kada je rijec o trackanju! S godinama ih koristim sve manje mjesto vise :/

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

One of my all time favourite body lotion is Vasaline intensive care. They now have three different "fragrances" : Wheat, Aloe Vera and Coco Butter. I like to use Aloe Vera for summer as it gives you a cool light feel and Coco Butter in the winter. It is really affordable and does not leave any stickiness onto your body. I also appreciate the almost scentless formula as I hate heavily perfumed products anyway. Give it a go, see if you like them :)

Kristina said...

@ivana, iju...iman ceteres'idvi. :/

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