Friday, 22 November 2013

Autumn Sunset

Here I am hanging out in the 'hood just before sunset sporting a pair of lacy cat ears atop of my bonce. The passing neighbours did have a "Poor dear, she's slightly deranged" look in their eyes. They're probably not far off...but what can I do...I love both cats and fashion. And the two loves met spectacularly in the form of this headband.
Do you remember when I threatened to buy a version of this dress in black too? Well, here it is. I bought it and I love it. I'm also sporting bare in no tights, socks, stockings or other leg covering items. In November! I'm well hard, me. :D

I'm wearing:
Cat ears: Etsy
Pink Coat: Vjera Vilicnik
Lace dress: ASOS
Ring: Dogeared
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Zara

Nails: Models Own "Emerald City"
Lips: Sleek "Papaya Punch"


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Nothing wrong with rocking what makes you feel good! Besides you are not offending anyone lol if anything probably even loads of hidden compliments from within on your courage of doing what makes you feel good ❤️

Azra Art said...

Kombinacija je bas lepa, svedena a i otkacena s tim usima, ali laaak! Predivan je, obozavam takve boje, ocaravajuc mi je skroz <3

Anonymous said...

Yep I a agree with Kiwi, you should be free to wear what you want regardless of what people may think. You should show off your style, not hide it. I love your pink coat and cat ears :)



Maiken said...

gosh, that nailpolish! SO COOL! I totally love it! it totally steals the show here. and bare legs in November? well, sounds like a plan when there's +10 degrees C like usually here these days. next week will bring -7 though :(

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Michelle Wan said...

nice coat, miss london so much,thanks for the comment
keep warm

Kristina said...

@azra, lak je predobar, al je nocna mora za skinut

Kristina said...

@maiken, it's about 8 degrees here so still ok for bare legs. Just.

Kristina said...

@michelle, but I'm sure you don't miss the rainy weather...right? ;)

A. said...

lijepo :)

MateaTPol said...

Kaput je prelijep!

Stylishlyme said...

I love the peek-a-book lace and those glitter nails are fantastic.


Cassandra Too said...

Love the coat and the colour of the coat! I like how you added a cute touch to the outfit with the cat ears! :D
You look amazing!

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Cassandra | Backtofive

Mihaela said...

lak je divaaaaaan!


Fashion Muffins said...

Svidja mi se lak, bas, bas, a i kaput ti je predivan :)

Rakel said...

love your coat!


the style crusader said...

Gah, totally couldn't hack bare legs here. It was -3 today. SOB.

Love your look. The lacy dress and the pink coat are spot on. Plus, those cat ears are adorable! xx

thankfifi said...

loving your gorgeous pink coat too! beautiful shots.x


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