Friday, 29 August 2014

Something New

Me being me, the imminent arrival of autumn never means renewing my wardrobe with some beige, black and grey. No. It means an explosion of colour.
What's new:
1) ASOS pink. (or is it purple?) With lace heart elbow patches. Cotton. That will do me.
2) Erin Elizabeth stackable bracelets...because I didn't quite master the art of stacking myself so I need a ready made stack.
3) Claudette underwear. One of my favourite brands. This combo comes in grey and pink. With POLKADOTS! It doesn't get better than that.
Also, do checkout their lookbook and a marvelous use of plus size model with proper tits. (By proper I mean big. Bigger than the ones sported by your regular size model in any case.)


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Some really cute new goodies for you. I love the sweater. On screen it definitely looks more purple (or maybe periwinkle?) than pink. I hope it is comfortable on the body.

OrMARIJA said...

Volim ovakve shoppinge <3

Aleksandra said...

Uvek se divim ovakvim narukvicama, ponekad ih i kupim, ali ih ne nosim (verovatno zato što sam najviše u casual izdanju)

Maiken said...

oh I love those pastel shades! that sweater is too cute! and the colours of the underwear are perfect too. can't wait to see how you will style that extra cute sweatshirt!

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