Monday, 11 August 2014

Latest In Beauty "The Beauty Bible Loves" Box

Out of the huge amount of beauty boxes and sample services I used to subscribe to, the one I consistently stayed loyal to is "Latest In Beauty". Their boxes and samples always offered the best value and quality and when they offered me a chance to review their latest box in collaboration with Beauty Bible, I naturally accepted. 
"The Beauty Bible Loves" box contains a great selection (£70 worth) of make up, haircare and beauty products, some of which are full size and  the box is available for £19.95 (plus p&p).
The product I'm most excited about is Dr Organic Bio-Plasma Mud Mask. I use quite a few Dr Organic products already (Their snail cream is amazing) and am super happy with them. I'm sure this mud mask won't be an exception. The thing that appeals is that the mask is both anti-aging and purifying which must be a bit of rarity when it comes to mud masks. 
Next up is Verbena and Lavender hand cream and I have to be honest and say that I tried many, many hand creams but none came close to good old Neutrogena hand cream. I find it's the only one that makes difference to my hands. However, this cream by Crabtree & Evelyn smells amazing and it's good if you need quickly absorbed hit of hydration for your hands.
Rituals hand scrub looks very interesting. It is something I haven't thought of before, but coming to think about it, it makes sense. You scrub your face, you scrub your body, why not your hands? Now if only it would get rid of the age spots, no one will be a happier bunny in the whole of United Kingdom. :D
Also in the box are John Masters shampoo and detangler. Shampoo smells a bit too "botanical" for my liking, but detangler is lovely. I left it in my hair for an hour and the result was a bouncy, super soft, fragrant barnet.
Merumaya cleansing balm....interesting idea (you clean the skin with the balm and cloth), but the sample is a tiny sachet so not quite enough to give a proper review. 
Coconut cleanser is lovely and creamy and it does a pretty good job of taking the make up and grime away from your skin.
The second most exciting product (after Dr Organic mask) are these deodorant wipes, a new concept for me, but I did like the practicality and ease of use as well as the fact that they are natural (made from mineral salts). They seemed to work just fine during a regular day. You would probably need something stronger for very hot days and days when you're doing sports, though.
Last but not least in the box is a black volumizing mascara from Bellapierre cosmetics.  It's free from parabens and it gives you mega lashes which means the mascara ticks all my boxes.
The box is available to buy now at: Latest In Beauty.


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I am glad your beauty box is a good one. I don't usually wear make up so I am still hesitate on subscribing to a beauty box programe. Maybe I can try a skin care one some day.

Maiken said...

we finally have a new (and the only) beauty box here in Estonia too but I convinced myself I don't need it. boring, right? :D and your boxes are always cooler anyway so I better look at those photos and see what we don't have here. oh, when I need a beauty product I order it from Oriflame (only my mascara is from Clinique).

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Angela Donava said...

Nice box! I love very much all products of Rituals! It's cool!
Have a nice day!
Angela Donava

Akiko said...

Umm looks like a great box full of treasures..! I've never ordered one, but your post makes me want to. Maybe soon! xo akiko
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