Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hero Products

This time around my "hero products" all come from the same brand...Dr Organic. You might think this one is a sponsored post, but alas, it isn't. Just really good products I love to use and spend my money on.
The eye serum is my current go to eye cream. It claims to be anti aging and while I don't know if it made my wrinkles better, it certainly didn't make them worse. It also tackles eye puffiness and dark circles and sure enough, I don't appear to have any since using this serum. 
Aloe Vera cream, I use in the morning and during the day; it's super hydrating and soothing and as it is concentrated, a little goes a long way.
The STAR product, however, is a snail gel. Yes, SNAIL gel. Don't worry, the gel is not made from snails, but from ethically collected snail mucus. I've been reading about those creams and gels for some time and after initial squeamishness, I decided to buy one and see what all the fuss is about.  The scent is rather pleasant and citrusy and the texture of the gel mildly sticky, but it does absorb into the skin rather quickly. The gel is supposed to be anti aging and while I don't know if I look any younger after using this, I can certainly see a difference in my skin. 
I haven't been blessed with porcelain skin and the current state of it is as follows: some acne scarring on cheeks, dry patches, HUGE pores and some discoloration/pigmentation. While I won't make claims that any gel or cream will give you the results that you would get with lasers, botox and fillers, this little gel does actually make some difference. Perhaps  not a huge difference, but certainly a visible one and after using the gel for a few weeks, my skin is both smoother and plumper. It certainly gave me more results than I managed to get from any other topical products so far. I use the gel at night before sleep, let it absorb and if I feel like I need more hydration, follow up with my Aloe Vera day cream. The gel retails at Holland & Barrett at £19.99 for 50ml. To be honest, I would love to immerse my whole body into it all day, every day, but I'm afraid my finances just wouldn't stretch to such an extravaganza.
Your turn now, would you use snail cream?


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