Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Whitstable & Canterbury Tips

Canterbury Eat:
A nice little selection of savouries for your lunch and, of course, all manners of chocolates, cakes, waffles, and hot drinks for your tea and dessert. The portions are a little bit on the small side, but everything is delicious. The decor is sumptuous too. Lovely little place.

Whitstable Eat:
This is a cute little retro food stall located in the Whitstable Village Harbour Market right by the harbour. They have a range of meat and vegetarian options as well as nice selection of cold drinks. Portions are generous and their sandwiches and wraps are delicious.


Ivana said...

Jako "apetitlih" post... sve mi izgleda prefino :)

syinthetic.Ecstasy said...

joj, odmah sam gladna !

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I could use a cup of nice tea or an ice coffee right about now as I am stuck at work and am falling asleep! :)

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