Friday, 6 June 2014

Oui, Oui Paris III

I opened the hotel window curtains.  It was raining heavily outside and the day looked miserable.
"I know, let's go to Louvre."; I said.
"Let's. We'll become more cultured."; said The Husband.

On the way there, we noticed most of the shops are closed or opening very late. 
"Oh, it must be a national holiday."
Once we got to the Louvre, we asked the lady selling the tickets.
"Oh, mais non!", said the lady.
"Oh, so the fuckers are just lazy and stubbornly French. They can't be bothered to work. Fancy that."; I thought.
Louvre was full of sculptures taking selfies, sculptures concerned about the size and shape of their ding-a-longs and so on.
I was admiring one such exhibit when all of a sudden I heard The Husband exclaim: "Look at that Brazilian ass!".
I looked at the sculpture I was observing a bit closer. No, it didn't have a Brazilian ass.
Then I saw a girl pass by. She did have a Brazilian ass and sure enough, she was Brazilian.
"You have no shame."; I said to The Husband.
He pretended not to hear me.

We made our way to Mona Lisa. The area immediately in front of the painting looked like the giant fight was going to break out any minute now. People pushing and shoving and all of them taking selfies with Miss Lisa. 
"Do you know what's a selfie?"; asked The Husband unexpectedly and suddenly.
"Doh. Is Pope a catholic?"; I looked at him incredulously.
"I only recently found out about them. Shall we take some selfies?"; said he in all seriousness.
"No. I'm not taking selfies with Mona Lisa and these wild hordes. It's beneath me.".
I marched on towards Dutch masters and he followed.
"I need to go to toilet"
"Well, go then. You don't need to announce it."; said The Husband.
The toilet was shut.
"FERME!!!!"; barked the woman guarding the toilet in French.
"I'm beginning to think their favourite word is ferme (closed)."; I said to the Husband.
"Well, they're French. They open and close stuff individually and at random. Or maybe they're all just hungover from all the wine they guzzled the night before. Who knows. After all, they're FRENCH!"; concluded The Husband.  

I wore:
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Trainers: Nike
Leather jacket: River Island
Jeans: Mango
Tee: Pop Cph


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

LOL oh my! Those sculptures are just too odd with their poses and what they are gazing at :p
It's really inconvenient to visit a place that doesn't have a set opening hour!! Are they really that obnoxious they don't care about business at all? Uh! So frustrating!

Kristina said...

@kiwi, I think they care about business, but they care about their comfort and quality of life a bit more. Certainly, in the UK and the USA people work too much.

MateaTPol said...

oh nedostaje mi Pariz kada gledam tvoje slike :(

Oggy81 said...

Hahaha, ja bih da ti pišeš putopise stalno :D

Kristina said...

@oggy, bit ce, bit ce :)

Anonymous said...

Your photograph of the mona lisa on the iphone is absolutely wonderful!!


Sounds like you had a bit of an interesting time! Paris is truly magical! xx

Ivana said...

Ja zbog posla cesto komuniciram s Francuzima i ti su stalnooooo, ali stalnoooo na godisnjem... Barem dva dana u tjednu (vikend se ne racuna) nema pola odjela... to me bas zna izludjivati... koji ludi ljudi! :)
Upoznajemo tvoju pink jaknicu, krasna je i kao stvorena za ove divne tene
...jako si stylish kad si i u casual varijanti :)

Hannahs Heels said...

aww you're so lucky! i want to go to paris with my boyfriend too!

Thank you for your lovely comment!

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- Hannah's Heels

Maiken said...

my gosh, those sculptures are just hilarious! :D the funniest thing I've seen today. but I can't understand all that fuss around Mona Lisa. I know I wouldn't bother to stand in a line to see it. oh and your old school sneakers are still way too cool!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

cintacha roselina said...

I wish i could go to paris with my husband someday :)

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