Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Oui, Oui Paris I

"Sweetheart, it's time for our annual trip to Paris"; I announced.
"Yaaaas!", he said.
We secured the Eurostar and the hotel; packed our bags and off we went.

Being an anal kind of person, I always make sure that my train seats are facing the direction of travel and have a window next to them in case I feel like admiring French countryside mid snooze. This time was no different.
There was a French girl sitting belligerently on my reserved seat.
"This can't be."; I thought.
I double checked the tickets, but there was no mistaking it. A French bottom was nonchalantly perched on MY seat. 
Inside me I was all like "Move bitch, get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way. " , but what I actually said was more akin to: "Excuse me, please. Sorry. Did I say sorry yet? Sorry. Awfully sorry to disturb you, but if you wouldn't mind terribly, this appears to be my reserved seat. Sorry, sorry, sorry, a million times sorry."
God, I have lived on this soggy island called Britain for far too long. 
The Frenchie looked at me with disdain and said in that blase way only the French can muster: "Ah, yeah...THIS is my seat"; (she pointed at the seat at the front); "But it has no window. I don't like it." 
"Well, tough titty, biatch. These are the seats I paid for. They're MINE. I want them."....Only..., I didn't actually say that. Instead, I apologized profusely a few more times until the Frenchie finally moved. As she was moving to her windowless seat she rolled her eyes a few times to demonstrate how displeased she was.
I didn't care. I was finally in MY seat rolling towards Paris. 


Ivana said...

Jeeej, novo putovanje i zgode&nezgode najdrazeg nam para :D Hahaha, super su mi ove interne misli...drago mi je da si damu "stavila na njeno mjesto"... iako si bila britanski ljubazna :)
Sad sam se sjetila anegdote iz osnovne skole kada je prof iz engleskog pricala kako su Britanci strasno fini i kako se npr.ne guraju u busu i sl.kao mi Hrvati. Na to se digao jedan decko i rekao da je on proslo ljeto bio u Londonu i da to nije istina i da se naguravaju kao i mi. Prof je na to pozelenila i rekla " Mora da je to ljeto bilo onda puno Hrvata u Londonu!" :)))

Maiken said...

well, when we were coming back from Crete the person who checked the tickets removed the part where the seat number was. and they did it with all tickets. so when we got to the plane noone knew their seat and then everyone could choose whatever they wanted. we sat in front of some (horrible behaving) children (and their mother!!!) which was not that great. anyway, looking forward to your next post about Paris!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

mima said...

Lep provod! Bas ti zavidim :)

Kristina said...

@Ivana, ha...lol za profu. Mada, ovi mladji Englezi i nisu tako polite. Ne uvijek, anyway.

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