Tuesday, 22 April 2014

York Tips

Sure, you can stay in a hotel, but why do that when you can stay in a 600 year old house complete with wonky walls and floors and bags of character. Despite its advanced age, this property has all the mod cons you could wish for and it's very comfortable. It also has views of York Minster and it is situated within the city walls. Plus, you get a welcome of cookies and milk. :)

A great little museum of ordinary life complete with a full reconstruction of Victorian street full of little shops, workshops and houses you can go into. I highly recommend it.

That little cathedral they have in York. With magnificent stained glass windows. And a tiring climb to the top of the towers after which I discovered I'm not in such a great shape as I like to think.

Two words: Viking poo. Need I say more?

The Yorkshire Soap Co. 
Cute little shop with all things soap and bath. The store is beautiful and the products they sell even more so. Soaps fashioned as cupcakes and cake slices, fragrant and indulgent lotions and bath salts and everything packaged beautifully.  Needless to say I left quite a bit of my hard earned money there.

York Cocoa House
This is a chocolate shop, workshop and cafe all rolled into one. All the chocolates are made on premises and are delicious. I particularly recommend Rose Hot Drinking Chocolate. Delicious.

Mannion & Co. 
This little bistro was both mine and my husband's favourite place to eat in York. Everything was delicious and fresh and the staff was very friendly. Cakes and patisseries are to die for.

This York institution doesn't need much introduction; it's a traditional English tea house full of elegance and the air of times long gone. They also have a cookery school in Harrogate which I'm really hoping to attend for one of their short classes in patisserie.

Bagel Nash
This one is (gasp) a fast food chain, but it sure beats yer McDonald's and yer Burger King.  It is also a North England only based chain, which means we don't have it in London. How can this be? And why? The food is filling, healthy (ok, relatively healthy) and cheap and great for when you're on the go.


chocoandpink said...

very nice blog...Love it
want to follow each other?

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Oh are you back home already? Looks like it was such a fun trip looking at all do these journey photo documentation!

Ivana said...

Jedno veliko vau! Sumnjam (na svoju veliku zalost) da cu skoro posjetiti York ali sam definitivno uzivala u tvome putesestvju i hvala ti na njemu. Divne, divne fotografije, presimpaticne epizode...ma ludilo :) I da, ipak smo dobili kaku...bome je ima ;)))

Mili said...

The chocolate shop looks adorable! I wanna go


Sue said...

I never knew that about Bagel Nash which is why I was so surprised to see it mentioned here. I used to buy them for George (my youngest) to keep him quiet whilst I was shopping :o)

And it looks like you know more and did more in York than I ever have done. It's always the way isn't it? No one ever does anything on their doorstep - that would be silly and too easy ;o)

Aleksandra said...

Sve izgleda tako ljupko i savršeno! Nadam se da ćeš ići još negde po Engleskoj, mnogo volim ovakve postove-izveštaje.

Maiken said...

ohh, you finally posted it.. you know "what", haha. anyway, looks strange :D but I totally loved the whole post and it's definitely perfect for the ones who plan to go to York these days. I would totally use it as my travel guide but as you know I'm not going to York this time. wonderful photos, by the way!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Kristina said...

@kiwi, yes, home already

Kristina said...

@ivana, pa fino Sam rekla da je ima, a vi navalili da stavim I ja stavila.

Kristina said...

@sue, oh I know. I bet you know London better than I do. I just think...oh well, I can see that anytime as I live here and then never get around to it

mima said...

E to je nesto sto covek ne vidja svaki dan!

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