Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Postcards From York III

"What is it, what is it?"
"Did you bring a blue laser light with you?"; I enquired.
"Blue las....no, wh...what in a God's name?".
"Well, if you didn't bring a blue laser light, then we have a ghost situation."
"Yeah, look. There's a blue light on the wall. Look!"; I pointed at the blue light.
"It's a light from the clock."
"Oh. Not a ghost?"
I went back to sleep. But not for long. A radio just happened to switch itself on. By itself.
"Poltergeist activity detected!!!"; I said and sat bolt upright in bed.
"Don't be silly. It was me. I accidentally switched it on."; said The Husband.
"Are you sure it wasn't a ghost?"
"I'm sure. Go to sleep, woman."
"Listen, listen...there's a noise. Surely now it's a ghost!! Right?"
"Wrong. It's not a ghost."
"What is it then?"
"I don't know, but it's not a ghost."
"Very disappointing."
I went back to sleep.
The following morning I got over the disappointment of not seeing the ghosts and suggested a trip to a local supermarket. I love visiting supermarkets everywhere I go. To see what the other folk eat. Granted, it's not going to be much different seeing that the York is in the same country, but nevertheless I wanted to check it out. Just in case. 
We entered the hallowed grounds of "Tesco" and straight away I noticed a mini aisle devoted to local products.
"Oh, Lawd Jesus, look at that! We don't get this in London."; I said
Right in front of me, there was bewildering array of Yorkshire ginger biscuits, Yorkshire lemon cheese (Cheese??? Did the good folk of Yorkshire discover how to get cheese from lemons or do they mean lemon curd?), Yorkshire mix sweets, Yorkshire mintoes and other Yorkshire related produce. 
I stared in amazement. 
"We only get Kosher, Asian and Polish foods in our Tesco."; said The Husband.
"I know. Unfair."
After the supermarket, we decided to check out local housing market. Like any self-respecting Londoner, I too am obsessed with houses, property prices and the eternal question of will I EVER be able to afford to buy my very own house (the answer in case you are wandering is..."No, probably not. Not in London. Not if the hell freezes over. Not ever.").
We glued our faces to the shop window of a local estate agent. 
"We should move here!", I announced.
The price of a sprawling Yorkshire farm house was the same as the price of an ex-council studio flat in the middle of gangland Hackney.
"We should. Do they have jobs here?"; enquired The Husband.
"Obviously. I mean somebody has to make all that Yorkshire lemon cheese. It could be us."
"Could be. We just need to learn how to milk a lemon." 
I wore: 
Pajamas: Cath Kidston

Trench coat: ASOS
T-shirt: Maison Scotch
Jeans: Mango
Watch: Olivia Burton
Ring: Dogeared
Shoes: Whistles
Pashmina: Joshua Joseph


Jasmina P said...

Love this outfit. Bag and shoes are to die for! <3

Aleksandra said...

lemon cheese, Gosh :-) Super su slike, prva mi se najviše sviđa.

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Reading your postcard from York has been such a thrill for me! Ah no ghost I guess eh? lol perhaps they were too shy to show themselves to you lol :)
The Asos clutch is such a great addition of colours to the outfit! Enjoy every minute of your stay :)

Sue said...

Just loving this series Kristina. You've probably seen more of York than I have though I only live 20 mins down the road! Beautiful pictures and you look lovely - I did notice the blue tones in the hair!

And where are the ghosts?

Renata B. said...

Supeeer! :-D


Carelia Moran said...

Fabulous Kris! What a wonderful post and your photos are amazing!

Jovana Bovan said...

Super fotkice :)

Azra Art said...

Sjajni postovi, i ovaj i prethodna dva <33 uzivam citajuci i gledajuci fotke!

Maiken said...

yeah, like everyone else I also looove your York series. and I would love to read and see more and more. your photos are wonderful and the stories are brilliant. and all that makes me want to travel and discover new things and places NOW. must wait though, and I hope it wasn't your last York post :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Ivana said...

Nikako da ti nap komentar... ;p Hahaha, najbolja recenica ikad- we just need to learn how to milk a lemon! :D Kraljica...moj naklon :) Drago mi je da nije bilo duhova a fotkice su divne kao i ti u svojom divnim cipelicama...osvjezenje u sivilu :)

Kristina said...

@sue, no ghosts. Bugger, eh?

Kristina said...

@maiken, not the last. There's one more.

Kristina said...

@ivana, al ja Sam htjela srest duhove, a ONI nikako da se pokazu

Helen* said...

Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

I am your newest follower and look forward to your next post! :)



Mihaela said...

jos jedan odlican post :) i bas mi je super outfit na slici!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos! Looks like so much fun, love the window display. Your outfit looks so fun and love how you got all the pieces together --- perfect heels. x

Mili said...

If you decide to take up the mysterious activity of milking lemons, do share :) Overall sounds like a fun trip, minus the non-ghost sightings. Love the pale blue scarf paired with the trench, the colors compliment each other so well


Tiffany Ima said...

Loving this outfit! Great shoes and clutch :)

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

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