Thursday, 7 November 2013

Name Necklace, Anyone?

Ever since Carrie and co burst onto my screen in a fashionable puff  of Cosmopolitans and Manolo Blahniks all those years ago,  I've been lusting after one thing...a Carrie name necklace. Sure, I lusted after the clothes...and the shoes (especially the shoes), but the necklace was special...ever present and so HER. And so ME...because EVERY girl wanted to be Carrie.
So when a few weeks ago, Onecklace, a jewellery company from Israel gifted me with my very own Carrie necklace, I was delighted. The necklace arrived in a cute little box and it's just perfect. Great quality and so very wearable.
If you're looking for something similar, do check them out...they make name jewellery in abundance of styles and materials, price points are great and the shipping is rather quick.


Mihaela said...

nekako mi se ne dopadaju takve ogrlice, ali ova je jako lijepa :) iako sama si ne bi kupila istu..


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I was also very drawn to name plate necklace but never went through with actually getting one myself. I hope you are enjoying yours ❤️

Kristina said...

@kiwi, in wearing it a lot, so...yes 😊

littlemisschinagirl said...

Prekrasna...slova su baš lijepo ispisana, totalno Carrie like :D

anne said...

That looks really cute. Totally not me (never wanted to be Carrie either) but cute nonetheless :)

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