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Favourite Places-Nathy's Miami (guest post)

guest blogged on Nathy's blog a while back and thought it was only fair to return the favour. Besides, who doesn't want to know more about Miami and what its residents get up to?  Well, I certainly do. So without further ado, I present Nathy, of Earnestyle blog, a native Miamian and an all round nice girl with a gorgeous smile.

1) Please introduce yourself
Hi everyone! I'm Nathalie from Earnestyle. I'm Cuban-American, a lifelong Miamian, and a first-year graduate student. I created Earnestyle to catalog my style over time, to watch how it changes (or doesn't), and to connect with others in the fashion/style blogging community. 

2) Best thing in Miami?
Wow. This is tough. Most people my age might say the nightlife, but I'm not a night owl. So I'm gonna go with the weather. We have just enough of a winter to wear some nice winter clothing every once in a while, but we pretty much have beach weather all year round!

3) Tell us about your favourite place in Miami and why do you love it?
Well, the beach would be the typical answer. And a good answer. We have the best beach in the country, for sure.
But my favorite place in Miami is actually a nice little park facing the bay in Coconut Grove, one of the oldest (and most beautiful) areas of Miami. The park is home to a delicious frozen lemonade stand that everyone in the city knows. It's been there since 1979, and on a hot summer day (i.e., nearly everyday) it serves over 400 people. Kennedy Park is also one of the few dog-friendly parks we have here. I have really great memories from different stages of my life there, and when I'm stressed, it's actually the place I imagine being in the most. :) 
 4) Please describe your perfect Sunday morning?
Hmm...I would wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to go burn some calories with my boyfriend at Kennedy Park (by jogging, people. Jogging. That's how we'd burn calories.). The cushioned path there makes walking and running feel a whole lot nicer. Then we'd grab two frozen lemonades and sit on one of the benches overlooking the bay. :)
 5) It's time for lunch and we are in Miami. Where should we eat?
Well, my current obsession for lunch is Panera Bread, which serves delicious soups and sandwiches. But they're all over the country and not specific to Miami at all. So Pasha's would be my runner-up. They serve relatively healthy Mediterranean cuisine. And delicious lemonades! (Can you tell I love them?)

6) How would you describe Miami to someone who's never been?
The Miami that tourists and the outside world see is not representative of the city, at all. Unfortunately, not all Miamians can afford to live the life that the Kardashians live when they "take" Miami (They have a show called "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami"-- it's repulsive to me). 
We're a very segregated place. White Americans tend to live in the richest areas, like Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, African-Americans live in neighborhoods like Overtown and Liberty City, Haitian-Americans live in Little Haiti, Venezuelans live in Doral, Cubans are pretty spread out but are in their highest concentration in Hialeah. I can go on forever. You name a Caribbean/Latino ethnicity, I can give you their Miami neighborhood. With all these different people in different neighborhoods, it's no surprise that each one has distinct traits, different (and delicious) foods, and different customs. I encourage visitors to go beyond the beach and Coral Gables. Venture into other parts of Miami, and you'll have way more interesting stories to tell back home. 
 7) Favourite place in Miami for date night?
Lincoln Rd. in the beach has a movie theater and dozens of great restaurants all conveniently located in one place. I enjoy going there with Nestor every once in a while, but parking and traffic can be a nag, so we don't do it very often.

8) Favourite Miami shops?
Miami is more mall-based than it is small shop-based. This is true of most America. My favorite malls are Dadeland, The Falls, and Village of Merrick Park.

9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Paris! I love my city, but nothing in the world can compare to Paris in my eyes.

10) How would you describe your style?
Feminine and quirky. I'm very drawn to classic, feminine styles, but I also enjoy adding quirky details to my outfits through the use of color, print-mixing, and trendy accessories. 
 There you have it. I really hope you enjoyed meeting Nathy and reading about Miami. Do go over and say "Hi" to her on her blog.


Iva Grbesic said...

Great guest blog! Love it when two people I follow come together.

Mili said...

mm that lemonade looks sooo good. Will keep these places in mind on my next trip :)
Mili from call me, Maeby

Surbhi Suri said...

she has an adorable smile !

Maiken said...

I love your guest posts. interesting questions, a nice amount of text, beautiful photos, great places and people. yeah, like I already said - loved it! and gosh I would looove to visit Miami one day!

Maikeni blogi - part of me


Such a lovely the look of the lemonade!! xx

melissa said...

cute outfit adn hum I love lemonade!

Kristina said...

Thank you, girls...

Mary Lee said...

ah these photos are lovely! really love this guest post, it's such a great idea

hope you'll visit back

The Fashionable ESQ said...

Omg! I love her. We are Miami Blogger buddies! I can't believe you guys teamed up. How awesome. <3

The Fashionable ESQ

Inez said...

This is a lovely post! Would love to visit Miami one day, xoxo.

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