Friday, 5 October 2012

10 Beauty Items I Would Repurchase

Now I don't normally like to do tagged posts, but this one seemed like an interesting one and it's in keeping with my blog content so I thought why not. The person who tagged me was lovely Purity of Pure Enlightened Beauty blog.
I'm a bit of a product fiend and love to try out new creams, make up, lotions, potions, snake oils...khm, but there are some things that are a staple on my bathroom shelves and I repurchase them over and over again.

1) Stila natural eyes eye shadow pallette: This pallette is gorgeous, it has 10 eyeshadows from the pale creams to the darkest black in both matte and shimmering finish. I don't wear eyeshadow all that much, but when I do it's these ones I turn to. They're nicely pigmented and just glide on.
2) Diptyque candles: Yes, I know this is not a beauty product, but these candles keep me calm. Plus, they just smell so gorgeous. They're pricey but so worth it. My favourite scent is Cypress
3) MAC lipglass clear gloss: This instantly turns any lipstick into mirror shiny loveliness. I've been using it for years and no other lipglosses come even close.
4) NARS lipstick in Schiap: I love my lipsticks very pink and very creamy. This one fits the bill.
5) Body Shop body butter: Any "flavour" will do. They're gorgeous and turn dry skin into silky smoothness. I tried a lot of creams and butters for my body, but Body Shop ones are still the best.
6) Steam Cream: A no fuss moisturizing cream infused by steam. No rocket science or miracle ingredients here, just simple, plain, old fashioned goodness. Super hydrating without being greasy and the creams come in the bestest (yes, I am aware that's not a word) array of cute tin designs.
7) Neutrogena hand cream: I tried many creams. Nothing beats Neutrogena. It's mega hydrating, lasts for ages as it's concentrated so you only need a tiniest drop of cream, it's cheap and widely available in supermarkets and chemists.
8) Batiste dry shampoo in XXL volume: I don't use this so much in between the washes to keep my hair clean(ish) as I use it as a volume booster. I hate flat hair on me and this lifts my roots somehow and gives a bit of bounce. Cheap as chips and available in supermarkets.
9) Hei Poa oil: Monoi oil from Tahiti. There's a whole range of products with variety of added scents and I pretty much love them all. It's the first oil I ever bough, I use it both on skin and hair and it smell amazing. No, really, go smell it somewhere, the smell alone will make you buy this.
10) Bio oil: It helps with stretch marks, scars and all sorts of other skin sins. I use this on my face (together with other 923674637 products) and it's one product that my husband consistently stea...khm..borrows from my bathroom cabinet (that means it's good).

I'm interested to know what are your repeat beauty buys? Please share.


OanaC said...

I really love .

Kiss you

Lidia Frolova said...

Lovely things!

Iva Grbesic said...

Any Clarins moisturizers and cleansers.

Maiken said...

Clinique high impact mascara - my one and only mascara, the best one in my eyes.
oh and such a great post! I also like TBS body butters though I have only two.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Purity said...

Thank you for doing the post! I use the bodyshop butters, stream cream and dry shampoo too, although I changed the brand of the dry shampoo I use recently lol, xoxo.

Purity said...

Btw the stila Palette has gorgeous colours and your blog picture above looks great!

Psycho Cat said...

Uvek me raspamete tvoje slike kozmetike <3

Anonymous said...

Rituals kozmetika ima super kreme za tijelo i gelove za tusiranje+puno drugih super proizvoda.
Provaj ako nisi do sada:-)I ja volim mac i TBC.-)


Aleksandra said...

Sjajne fotografije! Na žalost, mi u Srbiji nemamo ništa od ovoga, sem Neutrogene...

samecookiesdifferent said...

i adore pink lipstick!
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3
have a good weekend!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

prekrasne slike <3


Jessica said...

lovely blog! that pallette is so perfect!


mademoiselle mode said...

I love your cosmetics ^^

New post - Kisses ♥

Anthea Lau said...

Very beautiful shots of those lovely products - the mac lipstick is my fav :)
would you like to follow each other?

Petra (Aibie style) said...

ne koristim puno kozmetike ni šminke, al' evo: zagrebački melem, Bourjois rumenilo (nijansa 32 ak' se ne varam) i zlatna L'oreal Telescopic maskara. that's it. :D a i to je sve od šminke što posjedujem. :D
a od ostalih proizvoda: ulje od makadamije za kosu, i to Macadamia Oil Treatment. pregenijalna stvar. <3

Anonymous said...

the lipstick so innocent! ;)


Anonymous said...

That Neutrogena hand cream is a necessity, especially in the winter. It's the best hand cream I've ever used, is super cheap, and I know if I ever forget to bring it with me somewhere I can easily pick up a replacement.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Those products look amazing! xx

Admirably Pretty said...

Amazing pieces you picked! I could never miss my Chanel lipstick, but your pieces are wonderful as well!

XO, Imke

Secret Garden said...

Moja tema ;)

Najdraži prizvodi za njegu tijela su L'occitane (Fleur Cherie) & L'erbolario (Bijeli čaj). Obožavam miris i mekoću koju ostavljaju na koži.
Za njegu lica koristim Encian Nevenovu kremu (dođe od 11 - 14 kn, ovisi gdje je kupiš) & Garnier Exfo brusher jer imam problematičnu T zonu - nikada mi lice nije izgledalo bolje (mislim da sam isprobala sve dekorativne i preparativne proizvode za problematičnu kožu na našem tržištu)...
Najvažnije od svega je redovito čišćenje lica, blagi pilig morskom soli jednom tjedno, ne koristiti sredstva za čišćenje koja jako isušuju kožu jer onda pojačano luči sebum da nadoknadi suhoću i na kraju opet sjajiš kao disko kugla:) Začarani krug. Najbolji rezultat uz minimum proizvoda.
Kosa. S njom je lako, kriteriji za kupovinu šampona su miris i sviđa li mi se pakiranje:D Ne koristim ništa drugo jer nemam potrebe.

Tali said...

I love the Hei Poa oils and steamcream tins are the bestest ;) I dont so much like them for use on my face but I love them for my body and to collect of course!

Daughter of Style said...

L’Occitaine hand cream – other cremes come and go but L’Occitaine stays. Love the smell and the texture.

Mavala Juicy nail varnish – I love red nails and Juicy from Mavala is the perfect red colour for short nails like mine.

Melem – nothing will ever beat Melem

CD Water Lilly liquid deo – I love the smell of this deo

Eyes to kill mascara by Giorgio Armani – I've killed many men with this mascara :).

Voluspa scented candles – I’m a sucker for scented candles, sticks and home perfumes. I usually buy Le Labo, Diptyque and Voluspa, but my favourite is Black Figue & Chypre by Voluspa

Gentle Cream Exfoliant – I’ve been devoted to Dermalogica for more than ten years now and I praise their products, this one more than any other. It is an exfoliant that doesn’t require any scrubbing. Just spread it evenly over the face, leave for 20 min, rinse et voilà: your skin will have baby soft skin.

Labdanum 18 perfume by Le Labo – One and only.

MAC Fuchsia – nothing can camouflage my tireness, sleepless nights or a dull day like this wonderfully pink lipstick from MAC. I always make sure it finds its way to the nearest pocket or bag.

Pure boar bristle brush by Mason Pearson – I almost cried when I had to pay 70 pounds for this brush, but it was worth every penny. It is very gentle to my scalp and my fine hair.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I've been using BioOil too and I love it! It makes my skin feel so soft and helps with the scarring problems I have:) xo

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