Monday, 9 July 2012

Guest Corner-Cimer Recenzira Filmove

Cimerove kritike donosim u izvornom obliku:


This film is such a RIP OFF of Mrs Doubtfire! I can't believe that Robin Williams didn't haul Dustin's ass onto Judge Judy about this. It's so blatant.

The worst bit is at the end when Felicity Hoffman ripped off her wig and revealed to everyone that she was a man and NOT a woman! I was in tears for weeks. I felt cheated, humiliated and not aroused in the least.

Anyway, since when did men dressing up as women become funny? It's not funny. It's not even unfunny. It's just boring. Why can't he just get a sex change instead or not even bother.

I shan't be buying this one on DVD....

Watership Down:

I'm sorry; I don't mean to be negative or overly critical about this; but: RABBITS CAN'T TALK! It's such a ridiculous idea. And also, they tried to make out that cats are evil? WTF????????????????? This is just simply not true. Also, I don't get what happens at the end? Did the rabbit die or is he having an affair?

Would definately recommend this for people who like rabbits or have rabies. However, if you like rabbits and have rabies steer well clear.

Pretty Woman:

There are some really gigantic holes in the already flimsy plot of this brand new Woody Allen film. First of all Julia Roberts starts off the film as a prostitute, but by the end of the film she is a gold digging slut???? CONTINUITY MY ARSE?????

Then there is that bit when she is listening to her iPod in the bath and she completely ruins it by putting her head under the water????? Like anyone would ever do that in real lfe??? It simply beggars belief.

Also, what about the supposed moral outrage from all the hotel staff that she is a prostitute? They're just jealous because she's getting more money in a week for banging an old guy a couple of times than they probably earn in a year. Those frigid desk clerks should take a leaf out of Julia's book rather than giving her the evil ey


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