Thursday, 31 March 2016

Watercolors Of Brazil X

I opened the window hoping for some sunshine. Alas, it was still chucking it down.
"Never mind"; I thought to myself..."I'm still going to the beach. I came here for a tropical holiday and damn me if I'm gonna be stopped by insignificant events such as this torrential downpour."
By the time I was beach ready (sun protection, Havaianas, bikini, sunglasses and other beach paraphernalia), the rain stopped and the sun decided to come out after all.
I decided to take the local bus to the Trindade beach which was a few km away from the one I was staying on. The German joined in.
The bus turned out to be a rollercoaster ride from hell. The driver clearly thought he was on par or possibly above Ayrton Senna, the legendary racing car driver. He was accelerating and overtaking every which way and all of that whilst on the curvaceous, steep, narrow country roads.
The German turned pale.
There was nothing to it, but distract her: "Say, would you call this a jungle?", I asked a stupid question pointing my arms in the general direction of the jungle stretching everywhere around us.
 She looked momentarily confused before answering: "Most definitely."
"I bet it's full of monkeys, anacondas, jaguars and tiny teeny frogs.", I continued.
The German started looking even more pale, but luckily we have reached our stop and tumbled out onto the pristine, picture perfect beach...all white sand and blue ocean.
"This is heaven"; I thought.
We spent a whole day there and headed back to our beach at dinnertime.
The bus back was more crowded than I thought humanly possible. People were sitting on driver's dashboard, exits, stairs and every single inch of space was filled with heaving throng of people.
"They clearly haven't heard of any health and safety rules. This whole line would get shut down immediately in England."
With that thought I squeezed in the tiny bit of space still left on the dashboard and hoped for the best.
I wore:
Bikini: Vix (similar )
Shorts: FCUK (similar )
Sunglasses: Whistles (similar )
Headband: Accessorize (similar )


Dressed With Soul said...

Wow, so beautiful pictures!
Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Maiken said...

that beach, wow... as you said, it does look heavenly :) I hope the ones in Tenerife are as beautiful as this one here. have you been to Tenerife by the way?

Maiken - Part of me

Davina Tian said...

Brazil looks absolutely beautiful! I'm jealous wish I could be beaten' right about now :)

Davina at x

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